How many litres of heating oil do you use each year?

The more the cost of heating oil goes up, the more savings you can make by upgrading your boiler.

If you are not sure how much heating oil you use, here are some quick links for different quantities:

1250 Litres (e.g. 3 bedroom terraced)

2000 Litres (e.g. 3 bedroom detached)

2600 Litres (e.g. large 5 bedroom detached)

We can then provide an estimate of how much you have to earn to avoid fuel poverty, how much a new boiler could save you and how your usage compares to others.

Annual heating oil usage
Give us an estimate of how many litres of heating oil you use each year

How average are you?

Displayed is the average amount of oil used annually based on house type.

For example, in our survey a 3 bedroom semi-detached house used around 1550 litres a year and a 5 bedroom detached using around 2650 litres a year on average.

The line indicates your oil usage compared with our poll results.

This chart is based on over 2,700 poll results from our Northern Ireland based website.

Results can vary greatly due to factors including boiler efficiency and different levels of insulation
(e.g. solid walls, loft insulation)

Fuel Poverty

Someone is defined as being "fuel poor" or in "fuel poverty" if it costs them more that 10% of their take home pay to keep their home at an acceptable level of comfort.

Based on an average price of 1.01cpl,
you might spend around €2,626 on heating oil.

If your household take home pay is less than or equal to:

26,260 a month

then you might be classified as being "fuel poor" or in "fuel poverty".

This will vary with the price of heating oil. The amount of oil you use can be reduced with a new condensing boiler and better insulation.

The World Health Organisation defines a satisfactory heating regime of 21 degrees C in the living room and 18 degrees C in the other occupied rooms. These figures also assume only oil is used for heating your home and does not take on board other fuel sources such as an electric heater.
New Oil Boiler Cost Savings

Boiler Upgrade

If you do not have an "A" rated boiler, upgrading will save you the amount listed every year depending on your current boiler rating.

Based on oil prices of 101 cents per litre (with 1000 litres costing €1010) and 1 litre producing 10.18 kWh.

There is 4% difference in efficiency between bands. Boilers over 15 years old are often only around 60 per cent efficient (G rated or less)

15 Year Old Boiler?

Treat your boiler as G rated. Replacing with a Grade A condensing boiler could save you €630 a year.

DISCLAIMER: All figures presented here are offered on an "as is" basis. Prices are constantly changing, especially the price of oil and rounding has been used.