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Home heating oil Vista or Windows 7 gadget

Get this home heating oil price tracker on your desktop

1000 litres

No more surprises.

This gadget currently tracks the average price of 1000 litres of home heating oil.

See at a glance if prices are going up, down or remaining steady.

Prices in your area may be consistently lower or higher than the amount displayed in this gadget. The purpose of this gadget is to give a ballpark figure for heating oil in Ireland and highlight when prices are rising or falling.

Step 1. Are you running Vista or Windows 7?

You need to be running Microsoft Vista or Windows 7
Compare your Start button in the bottom left hand corner with the table below.
Windows Vista
Vista Start button
Windows XP
XP Start button
Not compatible

Step 2. Install the gadget

Click here to download and install the gadget

You will be presented with a dialog box like this:

Gadget Install Warning

Just press install.

Step 3. Using the gadget

Is the Vista Sidebar running?
If it is, the gadget should already be visible.
If not, click on your Start button and go to Accessories.
In here you will find listed the Windows Sidebar program.

    Windows Sidebar menu option
Click on it to be presented with a sidebar (usually on the right hand side of your screen).

The Cheapest Oil gadget will update itself at regular intervals with the latest pricing info.

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This software is provided on an as-is basis without warranty of any kind